Daddy Made A Million Climbing US Charts

James Robert Webb’s second single, “Daddy Made A Million” is turning heads and ears in radio stations across the U.S.  

The song was released in a week that ended up seeing no less than 11 new singles released, mostly by major label artists. Yet, the song was named to the Music Row Magazine coveted ‘Most Added’ list and is already playing on 15 of that panels stations. 

Fans overseas are also wanting to know more about Daddy with downloads in Western Europe including Spain, France, Ireland and the UK. Early radio response is fantastic with #DaddyMadeAMillion garnering Webb’s first major market station add–quite a feat for an independent artist. 

“We still have a few surprises left” says Webb speaking of upcoming promotion of the single. He just completed shooting of a full length music video for Daddy which is expected to be released in early April. 

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