Six Strings & The Truth #14 on iTunes

Six Strings & The Truth pre-order sale hits #14 on iTunes

The new single by James Robert Webb’s , Six Strings & The Truth, is released this Friday and it’s already gaining some impressive stats.

The single was selected by the iTunes editorial staff as a featured track.  As a result, pre-order sales have climbed and the song is currently #14 on the iTunes chart.

It’s not just fans that love the song, though.  Radio programmers have been downloading the song as well.  The song ranked #8 on downloads by radio stations on mega site, PlayMPE.  It was also in the top 10 at another radio station and blogger site, AirplayDirect, ranking #7 in downloads there.

With the single dropping in 5 days, it seems that Six Strings & The Truth is generating a lot of buzz and sure to be a hit.  You can pre-order on iTunes at or stream for free on James’ website,

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